Article – I (name)

The official name of this organization shall be the American Library Association Student Chapter at the University of Rhode Island.

Article – II (mission & values)

American Library Association Student Chapter at the University of Rhode Island shall promote the social, cultural, intellectual, and professional growth of its members and support the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. It will also facilitate and encourage participation in local, regional, and national chapters of the American Library Association. It will encourage professional contacts within the field of librarianship both at URI and elsewhere, and will actively promote involvement in professional activities beyond the classroom. It will also promote information freedom and equity of access among people of all ages and backgrounds through a variety of programs and activities across New England.

Article – III (membership)

Membership in the American Library Association is strongly encouraged, though not required.

All Faculty and Alumni of the Department of Library and Information Studies are granted honorary membership and are entitled to all the privileges of membership with the exception that they cannot vote.

Upon Student ALA’s acquisition of the membership form and membership fee from a new member, all new members will be given a receipt for their membership fee. Two Executive Board members must sign and witness the receipt for new membership.

Article – IV (meetings)

There shall be a meeting of the Executive Board at the beginning of each academic semester and thereafter as necessary.

Activities and programs shall be planned in accordance with the purpose set forth in Article II.

Article – V (officers)

The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, immediate past President, Vice President/ President Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.

  1. The President shall preside at all of the meetings, direct the activities of the other officers, and oversee matters concerning membership, publications, and ALA sponsored projects and activities. The President shall also write the official agenda for each meeting.
  2. The Immediate Past President shall serve in an advisory capacity and shall retain voting rights. The extent of the involvement of the Immediate Past President will be at the discretion of the current President.
  3. The Vice President/ President Elect shall assume the duties of the President in the latter’s absence and shall assume the office of the president should it become vacated during the stated term of office. The Vice President shall assist the President with the duties of the executive office. The Vice President shall coordinate and administer special programs, such as the Reach Out and Read Aloud (RORA) program. The Vice President may not be enrolled in their final year of the MLIS program.
  4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for financial matters pertaining to the organization, including fund raising and petitions to pertinent university organizations, and shall present a financial report at the beginning and end of her/his term of office.
  5. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining minutes of all meetings, events, correspondence files, and records in good order to be passed on to the next Board. The Secretary shall coordinate scheduling for Officers meetings.
  6. All former officers shall be retained in an advisory capacity for one year following their term ending. The extent of the involvement of the Immediate Past President will be at the discretion of the current President. Former officers, excluding the Immediate Past President, shall not retain voting rights.
  7. Any officer missing more than two executive meetings may be asked to resign by vote of the remaining Executive Board Members.

It will be the Treasurer’s duty to issue check reimbursement for any funds spent on the Organization’s purchases. Check reimbursement will be the only method of reimbursement with the appropriate form filled out accompanied by any receipts for the reimbursement being claimed.

Immediate purchases for the Organization must be done with the Organization’s debit card. There will be no immediate cash transactions.

The Executive Board will only accept cash or check membership transactions at the Student ALA Office (Rodman 111), at a Student ALA event, or by check via mail addressed to the Student ALA Office at the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Rodman Hall, 94 West Alumni Ave., Kingston, RI 02881.

The only cash transactions accepted will be for the collection of membership fees or accepting cash at fundraising events. All transactions involving the Organization’s fund will be accompanied with a receipt. The Treasurer will ensure that there is always a minimum of $80 in petty cash in the cash box in the denomination of 7-$10 bills and 2-$5 bills. At the end of an event in which Student ALA collected cash or checks, the excess of $80 will be deposited into the Organization’s bank account.

Article – VI (committees)

Authority to create committees, planning, and working groups, permanent and temporary, may be established by the Executive Committee to carry out the objectives of this organization. The President, Faculty Advisor, Immediate Past President, one member of the Executive Committee, and one member of the student ALA at large shall have the power to create such groups.

Article – VII (Advisory Board)

  1. The Advisory Board shall consist of up to but not exceeding twelve non-Executive Board members. Members of the Advisory Board shall serve at the request of the Executive Board and will be in charge of running committees and reporting back to the Executive Board.
  2. The Publicity Committee and the Web Design Committee shall be the only two permanent Advisory Boards. The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for publicizing the activities of American Library Association Student Chapter at the University of Rhode Island. The Publicity Committee shall craft and distribute communications advertising all programming for the Student Chapter through the appropriate channels. The Web Design Committee shall maintain and update the Student Chapter website. The Web Designer Committee shall post communications of the Publicity Officer and all pertinent announcements on the Student Chapter website.
  3. Other advisory committees shall be nominated at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Article – VIII (faculty advisor)

The Faculty Advisor shall be recommended by the Chair of the Department of Library and Information Studies and approved by the members of the Student Chapter. The Faculty Advisor shall be an active partner with the Student Chapter membership in fulfilling the purposes set forth in Article II.

Article – IX (elections)

  1. Eligible candidates for empty Executive Board slots shall be nominated by the full Executive Board.
  2. Current students enrolled in URI’s GSLIS program are eligible to run for office. Members should contact the Executive Board to announce their interest.
  3. Terms of office for all officers shall be for one academic year, per person, per position.

Article – X (ALA annual)

Each year a student ambassador will be selected to attend the annual ALA Conference.

Article – XI (amendments)

  1. All questions of parliamentary procedure shall be decided by consensus of the Executive Board present.
  2. Proposed amendments to this Constitution may be introduced by any Member at any public meeting and shall be decided by a majority vote of those present at two meetings hence.
  3. All current active Student ALA members have voting privileges. The Secretary shall call for a vote and anyone present at an open meeting shall cast their vote. Proxy votes are accepted as well but must be received on the same day the Secretary has called for the original vote.
  4. Ratification of this Constitution shall be in accordance with the rules set forth for amendment to this document.

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